Ay! Ay! Ay! Poncho

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 For starters, these colors are absolutely swoon-worthy. And we’ve never met a tassel we didn’t like. But there’s an added element of awesome when something beautiful has a backstory. Get this: the inspiration for this image was a little ol' matchbook Cheryl squirreled away YEARS ago. It’s a classic ultra-relaxed fit V-neck poncho that you can wear over anything from a camisole to a long-sleeved tee, making it versatile for all seasons. (And, well, we’ll just say it – it’s an awfully pretty way to camouflage your quarantine 15 until you start seeing your New Year’s resolution results.)

  • color: print
  • content: 100% viscose
  • embellishment: custom Double D print, tassels
  • size: S/M, L/XL, Plus
  • fit: oversized