Sexy Susan Whiskey Tower- 4 Bottle


Our Sexy Susan Whiskey Tower allows for any 4 bottles to stand ready to serve anytime your heart desires. The Sexy Susan Whiskey Tower is made from an authentic Jim Beam whiskey barrel lid and is rated for up to 1000 lbs. This 4 bottle liquor dispenser can be placed on the edge of any counter or bar with only 1 bottle loaded and filled and the others remaining empty. Just give it a spin around to the alcohol of your choice.


Our handmade, unique whiskey towers add a convenient and decorative way to display any liquor of your choice! It is a gravity-fed system providing a continuous flow. Its sturdy pine wood base allows you to withhold any liquor bottle of your choice up to 1 liter (apart from Patron). Contains a plastic chamber for cleanliness and a rubber gasket seal up the top of the whiskey tower to ensure the stability of your bottle so it does not wobble! The dispenser is leak-proof making it perfect for any household kitchen or bar area! Simply tilt the whiskey tower from the back at a 45-degree angle to load the bottle of your choice up top and pull the handle for your on and off switch. Perfect for any special occasion or everyday use at the house!

Please note: Each whiskey tower we sell is uniquely made and may vary from those pictured above

Please let call us to let us know what handles and wraps you are interested in


  • Chrome-plated faucet
  • FDA Approved ABS Plastic liquor chamber