The Great Texas Lantern- Lukenbach Blackened Bronze



 A 9-inch lantern featuring a dark tarnished metallic bronze finish with patented “fire-flame technology”. The lantern creates a real life flame effect that is unique and visually captivating, although entirely safe and LED generated. Includes remote for operating up to 10 feet away from the lantern. The lantern itself is powered by 2 D-cell batteries not included with purchase.

Your Great Texas Lantern is very easy to use.

★ The patented Safe Fire Lantern Technology is completely safe and generates no heat.

★ The switch on the bottom has 3 modes of operation. OFF, TIMER and ON.
ON Position - To turn it to the on position slide it completely to the left. Note: the remote will turn it on and off in this mode.

★ TIMER Position - The Timer is the middle position. The lantern will turn on every day at the time that it is placed in Timer mode. It will automatically turn off 6 hours after it is placed in Timer Mode: Note the remote control will not work when it is in timer mode.

★ OFF Position – Slide the switch to the right to turn off.

★ REMOTE CONTROL - Press the On or Off while pointing the remote at the Lantern at a distance of up to 10 feet. Note: the remote works only when the switch on the lantern is in the middle, ON position.

★ BATTERIES - To replace the batteries, simply pull the battery door latch open. Place two D cell batteries as directed for + positive and – negative positions on the inside of the battery door.

★ Battery Life can operate in normal conditions up to 500 hrs.

★ The Lantern can be used indoors or outdoors and is water resistant. However, recommended not to be placed in heavy rain, or pour water on it. It can be easily cleaned with Windex, or soap and water with a cloth.